Letter to My Grandson xxxxvii: You have turned seven. This is my photographic record.

This is my selection of photos from the first seven years in your life. Some have special emotional resonance while others are simply good photographs.

Both of these photographs were taken by your mum. The first is me holding you when you were one day old. You grabbed onto my jumper. It was a purely instinctive reaction but the beginning of our wonderful seven-year relationship. The other is your dad holding you after you and your mum had come home. You already seem to recognise him.

These are two photos of you and your Nana taken in the same spot in a coffee shop about year apart. In the second, you were having great fun with your baby chino.

You have a long and happy relationship with birthday cake. This is a photo of one of your less well coordinated attempts at eating one. In the second, you are gazing up through the windows in the roof at the Highett Street.

You weren’t allowed to climb the stairs at Highett Street when you were small so you loved it when your dad picked you up and helped you. You used to love me blowing down the back of your jumper.

You had a very happy afternoon singing and making sand castles with Nana. The other photo is one of my favourites. You had taken your pig to the Collingwood Children’s Farm and you are in the process of explaining something terribly important to me.

This is you at Grasshoppers soccer, as usual, not paying much attention to the coach. And you and your dad at swimming lessons at the Richmond pool.

Auntie Susie is explaining Matilda’s sleep monitoring device. Matilda had been given a new hat but you decided that you liked it more than she did. You wore it all day at Hay’s Paddock.

This is you at your second year of Grasshopper soccer with your dad. The coaches all loved you, not because you’re were a particularly good soccer player but because you can always be expected to do something quite creative regardless of their instructions.

Although you can’t see it in the photo, you are pushing Matilda on the swing and having a wonderful time. Sometimes, I would catch you being deeply thoughtful. This is one of those times.

You and Nana in the café at during one of our many visits to Scienceworks.

This was taken at the Collingwood Children’s Farm where you and your dad had a great day doing face painting and making wool sculptures.

Although you can’t see it in this photo,You have just tied Nana’s shoelaces together. You both thought it was a great joke. Another one of your thoughtful photographs on the swings at the MCG. These are taken shortly after your first-ever haircut.

Face painting at the Prahran market. You requested a dragon. You painted many beautiful pictures which we have kept. This was one of them.

We were at the Barkly Gardens and I caught you in the middle of a joyous dance.

You would often become quite absorbed in your running.

You always thought that Nana trying to catch you was great fun, particularly if she managed to.

These are two wonderful photographs of you just before your seventh birthday.

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