Amanda Vanstone continues to crystallise public opinion.

Her article Walk a mile in their shoes, but don’t be a sucker in The Age today, was, as usual, her predictable defence of the LNP government. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to get some critical thinking from Amanda?

The article was about the plight of the Murugappan family, also known as the Biloela family after the town where they lived in Australia before being incarcerated on Christmas Island.

There were 61 comments on Vanstone’s article. Two agreed with her. Sometimes there were as many as 200 people agreeing with the dissenters.

There are certainly two sides to the argument. There is the one put by Vanstone and Michaela Cash: “We mustn’t blink now.”

Then there is the argument put by almost everybody else: “Come on, be reasonable, the compassionate, be human, be Australian. Let them go back to live in Biloela.”

The government knows it’s on the wrong side of public opinion because now there’s a little girl in hospital in Perth suffering from the life-threatening disease, pneumonia.

Thoughts and prayers.

1 thought on “Amanda Vanstone continues to crystallise public opinion.

  1. She also uses her Monday Radio National ´Counterpoint’to pretend she is as human as Philip Adams. Most accidental listeners think it’s Philips ´Late night Life´ and has a similar personality. Wolf in sheep’s clothing when it gets to politics.

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