Victoria’s QR codes really don’t work very well. Actually not at all.

Yesterday at Coles at Victoria Gardens, I was trying to check-in at the QR code. The code is located somewhere below the height of my belt.

QR codes need to work

Not at eye level where you can focus camera. Now, this is not the government’s fault, this is Coles’ fault .

Once you have managed to get shot in, you have to register to download the app. This is after the fourth lockdown. I have being downloading apps for months. Multiple downloads.

I have also downloaded the federal government app. Fat lot of good that was.

I am then asked to put in my Apple password. Fortunately I can remember my password from amongst the 50 passwords (don’t use the same password more than once) I have.

No keyboard comes up

I am then asked to put in my code for my iPhone. No keyboard comes up


How is contact tracing going to work when a government app simply doesn’t work?

The Age reports The Victorian government’s contact-tracing QR code system has processed almost 79 million check-ins, up from 37 million just three weeks ago, but experts say the code is poorly designed and could lead to unnecessarily slow and frustrating user experiences.

When the federal government launched its tracing app, everyone was frightened they were going to use the information to track everyones movements. Now, we find that it’s highly possible that the state government can’t even manage to get their tracing organised.

Perhaps all the paranoia about government is overstated.

I must admit that when I read Orwell’s 1984 in the sixties, even then I was always sceptical that a government could ever be that well-organised.

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