NSW Government refuses to say which jobs are essential – leaving it up to employers.

The NSW government has been unwilling to specifically define which workers are considered “essential” due to the vast range of scenarios under which someone might need a certain service or product. Instead, employers and staff have been told to have discussions among themselves and use common sense.

This move is supported by the Business Council of Australia.

And then this: On the ABC’s RN Breakfast: NSW Treasurer says Sydney florists could very well be essential services

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet speaking to Fran Kelly

Kelly: “Should a florist be open?”

Perrottet: “There may be a reason as to why they could be deemed to be an essential service. 

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet.CREDIT:EDWINA PICKLES

Try to emerge in a situation where it is worth considering contracting coronavirus during a lockdown to get a bunch of flowers.

You can make a case for repairing telephone lines, maintaining power suppliers and water supplies, keeping emergency departments opened in hospitals, keeping pharmacies open et cetera but florists?

There will always be an argument for keeping gymnasiums open, for allowing inspections for real estate sales and auctions, for keeping churches open for religious services but essentially these are activities which expose the wider community to ‘unacceptable risk of infection.

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