How do you allocate punishment to the removalists who spread the delta variant into Victoria?

When you read the account of the recent spread of the Delta coronavirus in Victoria in The Age, it becomes clear that it has been a result of the irresponsible and reckless behaviour of the furniture removalists and their employer.

It is also clear that this variance groups at an alarmingly rapid rate and given the right circumstances: an apartment block, a large sporting arena, a school, and a naval base, then the consequences will be devastating.

This chart shows how it began:

From the removalists, who were not wearing masks, it very quickly spread to 26 other people. The removalists worked at a block of apartments, where they infected a man who went to a popular hotel in Melbourne and then to a football match at the MCG. This has become a super spreader event whose impact has yet to be fully understood.

This is called exponential growth and it is just beginning.

So what do you do with the removals, who were not wearing masks when they were in the apartment complex and do not appear to have been following any form of protective protocols. Nor does it appear they were directed to do so by their employer.

As result of this behaviour, the entire state of Victoria is now into lockdown and case numbers appear to be escalating, making the odds of an extension of the lockdown fairly likely.

So what is the appropriate punishment? Lengthy imprisonment?

The name of the company should be published immediately so that it can be boycotted.

If the company requires a license to trade as a removalist, it should be suspended.

The individuals concerned should be arrested and charged.

There are three functions of the law: to punish, to provide retribution and to make an example.

It is important that this third one function swiftly and efficiently.

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