Letter to My Grandson xxxxvii: Questions of existence from a seven-year-old

My last three letters to you have been about the ethical and moral issues that you are raising and dealing with. This one is no different. Your new cousin, Abigail, is now four weeks old and you are fascinated by her.

You and I were driving home last week and you asked this question.

You: Does Abigail know she is alive?

Me: No, she doesn’t.

You: Can she think yet?

Me: No, she is too young. A very famous man once said, “I think therefore, I am.”

Silence from the back seat.

Me: So, this means that there is a difference between thinking and knowing that you are thinking.

Silence from the back seat.

You: So, if I can ask myself if I am thinking, then I know that I am alive.

Me: Yes.

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