With the latest Tier 1 site just 1.5km away from where we live, the term “fleeting contact” becomes very real

We could very easily have walked past people who live in this block of apartments In the last few days. I would certainly have walked around a corner in the left-hand side of this photo on Thursday.

How many asymptomatic, infected people did I walk past?

Fortunately, none as I am not showing any symptoms.

The accounts published in the press of the spread of the Delta variant make chilling reading. it spreads very rapidly and was minimal contact.

The fabulously unsuccessful Federal government tracing app which so few people downloaded onto their iPhone required 15 minutes contact before it registered. It was some time before there was recognition that the virus is transmitted by aerosols.

Against the Delta variant the iPhone app, it would be as much use as a bicycle would be to a fish. Airborne transmission would appear to be almost automatic and rapid.

We do not have any information about whether someone who is infectious needs to be coughing or sneezing or whether the virus is airborne simply because they are breathing. This possibility is very frightening.

Mask wearing in public is now essential for public safety,

It appears that passing someone in the street who was infectious, asymptomatic and coughing may have been enough to pass on the virus before the lockdown and compulsory mask wearing in public.

It may be that we can expect the numbers to continue to rise for some time and that the lockdown will almost certainly need to continue for more than five days.

The frightening aspect of this Tier 1 announcement is that the bars, pubs and restaurants of Richmond were packed on Thursday night as people made the most of their freedom before the 12 o’clock lockdown. Clearly they thought that the virus was not a threat until midnight. This behaviour will certainly cause a spike over the weekend

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