Have these two men double-handedly destroyed Australia’s economic, health and educational systems?

There seems to be mounting evidence that the delays, increasingly and stridently denied by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in the vaccine rollout were a result of the failure of Health Minister Greg Hunt to secure offers of vaccine from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in early 2020.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison, himself one of the first recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, declared Australia was “at the front of the queue”. Apparently, it wasn’t.

The impact of these delays, which ran out into late 2020 and through 2021, are now clearly evident as a result of the catastrophic loss of public confidence in the AstraZeneca vaccine and the massive shortfall in the Pfizer vaccine.

The situation was exacerbated by the arrival of the highly contagious Delta strain of the coronavirus which is now sweeping through New South Wales and Victoria.

The full effects on the economy, health and educational systems will be felt for years to come. The immediate effect on people’s lives and incomes has been catastrophic. Childrens’ education has been brought to a halt for nearly 2 years. Anyone who seriously believes that homeschooling is an adequate substitute for classroom learning has never sat next to a small child with an iPad.

And when the history books are written and the evidence is weighed, it is likely that it will all come down to these two men and their terminal ineptitude and that one fateful decision.

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