Fitzroy Community School opens its doors to its pupils. Thirty staff and students now have Covid.

The AGE reports: “The Fitzroy Community School in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North whose principal has repeatedly flouted public health orders and invited families to send in their children during lockdowns has been hit by a significant coronavirus outbreak.

The principal, Timothy Berryman argued that the damage to their mental health from extended periods of remote learning was potentially severe, while the health risks to children from catching coronavirus were negligible”

30 students and staff had tested positive at the Fitzroy Community School in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North.CREDIT:EDDIE JIM

The principal and parents were aware that they were in breach of the Chief Medical Officer’s rules. So no one can plead ignorance. And they are all repeat offenders.

Without being prejudicial, this is a community school and alternative approaches to education and society are the attraction of the school. It is likely that a number of the parents who send their children it to such a school will have strong views on vaccination, as will the teachers.

The question arises: Were the teachers and the principal vaccinated? If not, was this a major factor in the outbreak of the virus in the school?

Once mainstream schools return on a regular basis, will schools like the Fitzroy Community School be able to continue with unvaccinated teachers in front of classes?

A larger question remains.

Is this the situation that will emerge when unvaccinated children, under the age of 12, return to the classroom?

The answer is likely to be, yes it is.

Perhaps Timothy Berryman has unwittingly done us a public service by highlighting a difficult issue.

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