Fitzroy Community School Principal Tim Berryman claims childrens’ voices are lost in the Covid debate and that he is speaking for them.

But are they

There has been no shortage of discussion and advocacy about the impact of school closures on children so he is only one voice amongst many.

As a school principal he is certainly entitled to speak for his community

Fitzroy Community School principal Tim Berryman on Monday.CREDIT:JUSTIN MCMANUS

But who gave him the mandate to infect 30 children and staff members with coronavirus?

Presumably the parents who send their kids to school and who knew what they were letting the kids in for.

What about the contacts of the Fitzroy Community School that is now a  a Tier 1 site and who were presumably not aware of what was going on?

Given the highly infectious nature of the Delta strain, this cluster is likely to have far-reaching ramifications for all of us.

But what he has done raises some very important issues for the education system in general.

The most important is the extent to which individuals are able to defy government regulation in terms of the administration of their specific organisation.

The matter is surfacing with increasing frequency. The practices of the building industry, the practices of religious groups and now the practice of this specific school. Individuals in charge of these organisations have made decisions that are in direct contravention of the regulations of the CMO.

Now it is crunch time.

Are people like Tim Berryman allowed to say “I know better than Brett Sutton.” and tell the parents of the kids at his school to send them along until (inevitably and expectedly) everybody gets infected.

Now should they be made public example that ensures that this behaviour does not occur again?

Or should the authorities simply shrug and say “Whatever.”

Because if something isn’t done to curb the Tim Berryman’s of this world, this behaviour will surface again and again with increasing frequency and rabidity.

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