How many people in Australia have actually been vaccinated?

Here is the progress report.

Are we now waiting for 72% of the eligible adult population to get a second dose of vaccine?

When you look at the figures that’s the first impression. But it’s probably wrong.

That’s 11.5 million people. The numbers important because there are only 10 million Pfizer vaccines arriving in November and December.

October will be a lean month for vaccines in Australia

But is that is what the figures really mean?

Surely the first dose group must include the fully vaccinated group. They can’t be separate because together the make up more than 100% of the population.

Or do we take a fully vaccinated group out of the eligible population and then calculate the first dose group.

Eligible Population16000000
Fully vaccinated (47%)7520000
First Shot (72%)6105600

And there will be enough Pfizer are arriving in November and December to meet that demand.

It will be done in November and December, so don’t hold your breath on going to the Melbourne Cup.

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