Schools are going back. Can parents expect teachers to be fully vaccinated? Can parents expect parents to be fully vaccinated before they can send their children to school?

There are going to be some interesting questions arising with the return of children and preschoolers to schools and daycare.

These settings will be breeding grounds for coronavirus. The levels of interaction between school children and preschoolers will be exceptionally high.

There are no vaccines yet approved for this age group.

The Minister of Education James Merlino has already indicated that all teachers will be need to be fully vaccinated by the beginning of November. We shouldn’t expect it to be plain sailing

Nurses have no difficulty with the concept of mandatory vaccination.They see the results of unvaccinated people everyday in their working life. For them it’s a no-brainer.

We can only hope the same applies in education.

A more interesting question arises in the case of the parents children returning to school. Will it be acceptable for unvaccinated parents to send their children to schools or preschools?

Will the children of fully vaccinated parents have the right to insist that their children be in fully vaccinated classrooms? And that children of unvaccinated parents should be in “unvaccinated classrooms”?

Would such a position lead to segregation in the playground?

These are hard questions.

We will soon have to weigh the relative rights of the vaccinated and unvaccinated, particularly in the classrooms.

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