The National Party’s price for zero carbon emissions by 2050: a multi-billion rail line from Gladstone to Melbourne to export coal. Now that really does define stupid.

The rail line is going to run from 1700km past Brisbane and Sydney both major ports to Melbourne. It will pass through Flynn, an electorate Barnaby Joyce needs to hold on to the next federal election.

The railing passes to major ports: Brisbane and Sydney

The rail link has also not survived past feasibility studies. And demand for Australian coal will decline in the immediate future.

But extending the rail link is going to further open up thermal coal in the Gladstone area, a move that will be popular with local voters

This means that the National party will support a policy that will aim at zero omissions 30 years out from now, while planning to build a major rail link that will boost call exports that will increase international emissions from call in the immediate future.

The cynicism of this staggers belief.

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