Yertle the Turtle: A parable for Donald Trump

I am sure that I’m not the first to draw the parallel.

In this short children’s story, the Dr Sess character is a tinpot dictator. Sess himself likened him to Hitler.

“On the faraway island of Sala-ma-sond, Yerlte the Turtle was King of the pond.”

If you haven’t already read the Story, you can read it at here. It’s very short.

In brief, it tells he story of Yertle’s rise to great power but one small act of rebellion by the humble Mack brings down a dictator whose power rests on a very shaky foundation of intimidation.

Once an individual and then a small group of Republicans defy Trump, there will likely be a landslide of opposition and his days in American politics will be over.

“And today the Great Yertle, that marvellous he, is King of Mud. That is all he can see.”

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