Shadow Attorney General Tim Smith moves to back bench after crashing car and blowing 0.131

The AGE reports Smith as saying “I believed I was under the legal limit to drive.”

Shadow attorney-general Tim Smith lost his licence overnight for drink-driving. CREDIT:PAUL JEFFERS

Hang about. Let’s assume that dinner with friends takes four hours.

Two glasses of wine in the first hour gets you to .05.

One glass an hour keeps you at the legal limit.

In other words, your body metabolises one glass of wine an hour

That’s one in the first hour and three in subsequent three hours, five in total.

That’s 5 glasses over four hours and you’re still legal to drive

Each extra glass over that puts your BA up up .025.

To get to the recorded level of 0.131 you must drink about three more glasses of wine (0.08 BA)

A total of eight glasses wine at dinner.

The ex-shadow attorney-general said, “he had made a “serious error of judgement”.

In July 2018, Mr Guy put pressure on former Liberal upper house MP Simon Ramsay to resign from state politics after having been caught drink-driving. He had blown a reading of 0.19 per cent – almost four times over the legal limit of .05 – shortly after being intercepted by police in Barwon Heads.

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