This is not balance, this is nonsense, and The Age should know better

Why does The Age print articles like this from Karina Okotel, the federal Liberal vice-president under the banner.

‘Yes’ campaign must keep its promises after 5 million people voted ‘No’ in same-sex-marriage ballot.

Karina Okotel with her children Hannah, 3, David 2, and baby Grace.  Photo: Jason South

To start with, the people who voted Yes, and I was one of them, didn’t make any promises to the people who voted No.

We also voted about the rights of all people to get married, not on the rights of the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker to deny services to various customers. We don’t expect that to be incorporated into Dean Smith’s bill which we do expect to be passed before Christmas

She goes on to write: “Senator Dean Smith’s bill provides protections only around a wedding ceremony and to religious clerics, but does not encompass protections for speech, religious beliefs more broadly, or to children being exposed to radical gender theory against a parent’s wishes.”

I still find it incomprehensible to understand how someone can get themselves worked up into an intellectual lather that allows them to  think that gay couples getting married will mean that radical gender theory will be taught in classrooms.

I know a number of gay couples, all of whom will certainly get married once legislation is passed, but best of my knowledge none of them will be storming into the classrooms of Victoria to teach radical gender theory. They will just be living happily ever after.

A bit like the fairy story.

She also writes about  Felix Ngole who posted some biblical passages on Facebook to support his religious beliefs and got tossed out of Sheffield University which regarded him as being unfit to be a social worker. The High Court later upheld the University’s decision. Without making the point, presumably Okotel sees this as an indication of the kind of discrimination that will arise from the legislation of same-sex marriage. No, the High Court, not normally given to exaggerated utterances, saw the posts as ” judgmental, incompatible with service ethos, or suggestive of discriminatory intent”. This means that Felix is not really a poster boy for a tolerant society.

Okotel’s article is absolute nonsense and the editors of The Age should have recognised it as such and should not have printed it.

The “No” vote  campaigners had their chance to mount this argument in the run-up to the postal vote. It was comprehensively rejected because it was a spurious argument. Now Okotel’s having another bite at the apple courtesy of The Age.

Is it because The Age ran a heartfelt article by Penny Wong Why all Australians had a stake in the postal vote on same-sex marriage that it felt it should have some “balance” by printing an article by Karina Okotel?


If it did, running the article by Okotel didn’t achieve that.

It is time to move on. A highly divisive and expensive postal vote has now been concluded. Malcolm Turnbull must ensure that the legislation is passed by Christmas and  the responsible media must ensure that the divisive voices such as Karina Okotel are no longer given access to “balanced coverage”.

A face to remember next time we vote.

Writing in The Age Mark Kenny says: The great betrayal: Coalition hardliners throw democracy overboard to resist same-sex marriage

According to Kenny, the definition of marriage would not be altered in Patterson’s rule that would be put before Parliament. In other words, if the result is a Yes vote and Kenny is right then Patterson is giving the Australian voting public the bird.

Senator Paterson’s bill also establishes what he calls a “relevant belief” about homosexuality itself, protecting anyone who expresses a belief that same-sex relationships are unholy or immoral, or that “the normative state of gender is binary”.

Just in case you had any doubts about what this man actually thinks.

Seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried: PHON Senator quits on Day One

The Age reports: One Nation has lost a member in the Senate after the man replacing Malcolm Roberts – Queensland publican Fraser Anning – quit the party on his first morning on the job.

Senator Fraser Anning was escorted by Senator David Leyonhjelm and Senator Cory Bernardi at Parliament House on Monday, as he was sworn in as a One Nation senator. An hour later, he was an independent. Photo: Andrew Meares

The reasons are probably going to be lost in the shambolic politics of the selection processes of PHON. How do they manage to get it so wrong.

Certainly it was a day of the vituperation on the part of  the One nation leader.

This man got 19 primary votes. Now he is going to be in federal parliament not even as a member of the party that told him those 19 votes.

This is our democracy at work.

We certainly have a lot to thank Pauline Hanson for.


She continues to make a joke of the democratic processes.

Surely, surely she must be a dual citizen.

Panic in Parliament: Outbreak of sexually-transmitted citizenship

Things go from bad to worse. It seems that citizenship can be transmitted through conjugal relations.  Members of Parliament may be forced to examine current and possibly former marital relations.

The Age reports: Turnbull government MP Nola Marino may have acquired Italian citizenship through marriage.

I had previously published  a simple Citizenship guide for politicians.


So we now may need to add a new step in the process.


But the  situation gets even more complicated.

What happens if the politician has had citizenship confirmed in a previous marriage i.e. was married to a foreign citizen, had citizenship conferred as a result of that marriage, was divorced, remarried or remained single and became a member of Parliament?

Will de facto relations have the standing in?

Will same-sex marriage relations be covered in the new bill?

I wonder if this is an amendment that Tony Abbott will be considering.

The can of worms gets bigger.

Hanson comes out fighting. Changes party name to One Nation and Dildo Party

Inspired by the success of the Sex Party and refusing to bow to political correctness Hanson came out figting

“Don’t dare have a go at my candidate or anyone who runs a legitimate business because this is what we are sick and tired of, political correctness – you have to back down every time you are criticised.”


Pauline Hanson has decided to confront her critics who would point to  perennially  lax preselection processes leading to the candidature of sex shop owner Mark Thornton  standing in the seat of Thuringowa in the Queensland election.

So she’s decided to fight fire with fire and change the party’s name to The Pauline Hampson One Nation and Dildo Party Showing that Thornton’s preselection was part of a carefully thought-out strategy designed to blindside not only the press but also the political opposition.

Should be sufficient to counter the rat bag, left-wing, liberal, tree hugging, climate change press is always giving her a rough time in writing nasty things like this.

News: One Nation’s sex shop trainwreck interview in Townsville

ABC: Queensland election: Pauline Hanson won’t dump candidate over jokes on sex shop Facebook page

The Guardian: One Nation’s leader, Pauline Hanson, has been blindsided by the news one of her Townsville candidates has been linked to a sex shop that posted an inappropriate Facebook message about domestic violence.

You have to hand it to her she certainly a political mastermind.

Political prediction for 2018

One of the  attributes of chaotic regimes is that outcomes become difficult to predict but in retrospect often appear  extremely obvious  because they always fall into the realm of the possible.


This beautiful little graph shows the by  bifurcations possibilities. You start out with a stable system  which then then has two stable states, say off and on, then four, once chaos sets in, the number of possibilities increases exponentially, making prediction  well-nigh impossible. However, the system is always in a recognisable state, j allust fund could be not predicted and may not be manageable.

Having said that, no one would have predicted the citizenship crisis in federal parliament.

But here goes on Federal Parliament in 2018.

The marriage equality postal vote  receives an overwhelming yes vote and is gerrymandered by the right wing  of the Liberal party in the lower house. While this is in progress the opinion polls show the devastating slump in the popularity of both Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal party.


As result, Tony  Abbott stages an abortive coup against Turnbull, worsen the situation.

Oh no, they still don't like me

The citizenship crisis leads to Turnbull losing his majority on the floor the lower house leading to a general election which the Liberal party loses disastrously.

In the election, the Greens make significant gains in inner-city seats in Sydney and Melbourne and also make gains in the Senate as does One Nation.


Malcolm Turnbull is replaced by Julie Bishop as leader of the now depleted Liberal party


You know I’m right.

Conservatives lining up for another bite at the same sex marriage apple

Mark Kenny and Jaqueline Maley writing in The Age comment that “Conservative forces push to frustrate same-sex marriage legislation”.

The arguments are currently being  spruiked by Eric Abetz. All the irrelevant old stuff that was raised during the campaign for the same-sex marriage vote:  freedom of speech, religious freedom, businesses being able to refuse to serve same-sex couples, the sky falling on Chicken Little.

Conservative Liberal senator Eric Abetz: “In the event of ‘yes’ vote, the Dean Smith bill is an insufficient basis to start the conversation.” Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

 The Very Conservative, Very Christian and (in their own minds) Very Right rump of the Parliamentary Liberal party  (she had gone by ex-Liberal Cory Bernardi) will be running a rearguard action in the case of a likely victory by the Yes vote.

Apparently some of the Christian right, Morrison, Cormann and Dutton believe it’s time to step aside and accept the decision of the Australian people and let the Dean Smith bill through.


The private member’s bill drafted by Liberal senator Dean Smith is presently the only proposed same-sex marriage legislation on the table. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Not so Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi who doesn’t want a parliament that may be full of people who shouldn’t be there on the basis of dual citizenship voting on such an important issue.


How’s that for a good argument!

Should the postal vote return a Yes majority, the Australian public could reasonably expect that there would be a swift resolution of the matter in Parliament, preferably before Christmas.

But  the citizenship fiasco is spiralling beyond Malcolm Turnbull’s control and it is demonstrating his complete inability to control any political process. And nobody is really trying to make this worse.

lt is unlikely that Turnbull be able to exert any control over the politics of the same-sex marriage debate, which have been effectively and skilfully driven by a small group of right wing conservatives lead by Tony Abbott who must be looking forward to a very  happy Christmas.