Film and Book Reviews

A Quiet Passion and The Importance of being Emily

Dunkirk: the last time that Britain got out of Europe

The Last Jedi? Not a chance.

Goodbye Christopher Robin. Seems we won’t get to know you any better

Rogue One: Just an intergalactic potboiler

Film review: Gravity (or lack thereof)

The Dressmaker: black comedy, revenge play, western and a lot of fun

The Beautiful but rather implausible Lie

Review of Peppa Pig’s Australian Holiday by Winton Haslett

Alone in Berlin

Luc Bresson, Leon the professional and moral ambiguity

Carol, Anna Karenina and Smoking Lesbians

The Belier Family: extremely feelgood.

Birdman or Men in Underpants

Mr Turner, Timothy Spall and the nuanced grunt.

La Femme Nikita and the Pygmalion myth

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Frames and perspectives

The novel as confessional: Did Chris Womersley steal The Weeping Woman?

Harry Brown: A journey back into darkness

Great Expectations of An Invisible Woman

Philomena and the art of cinematic propaganda

The Desolation of Smaug – too little butter, too much bread

The Battle of the Five Armies: that’s all for now folks

Film review: Gravity (or lack thereof)

Is Monuments Men a genre parody?

The use of self-reference in A Great Beauty

How to write a film review: Notes for beginners

The Book Thief: a modern fairy tale for adults

Turning books and films: The case of Great Expectations


Why we all love Notting Hill

Inside, Outside, Upside Down: Llewyn Davies

Mystery Road – a great Australian film

Shakespeare in Love – a minor masterpiece.

Why we still love Casablanca

Birdman or Men in Underpants

The structure of Ali Smith’s “How to Be Both”

Allied: a sombre but self-conscious film

Carol, Anna Karenina and Smoking Lesbians


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