Film and Book Reviews

Rogue One:Just an intergalactic potboiler

Film review: Gravity (or lack thereof)

The Dressmaker: black comedy, revenge play, western and a lot of fun

The Beautiful but rather implausible Lie

Luc Bresson, Leon the professional and moral ambiguity

Carol, Anna Karenina and Smoking Lesbians

The Belier Family: extremely feelgood.

Birdman or Men in Underpants

Mr Turner, Timothy Spall and the nuanced grunt.

La Femme Nikita and the Pygmalion myth

The Grand Budapest Hotel: Frames and perspectives

The novel as confessional: Did Chris Womersley steal The Weeping Woman?

Harry Brown: A journey back into darkness

Great Expectations of An Invisible Woman

Philomena and the art of cinematic propaganda

The Desolation of Smaug – too little butter, too much bread

The Battle of the Five Armies: that’s all for now folks

Film review: Gravity (or lack thereof)

Is Monuments Men a genre parody?

The use of self-reference in A Great Beauty

How to write a film review: Notes for beginners

The Book Thief: a modern fairy tale for adults

Turning books and films: The case of Great Expectations


Why we all love Notting Hill

Inside, Outside, Upside Down: Llewyn Davies

Mystery Road – a great Australian film

Shakespeare in Love – a minor masterpiece.

Why we still love Casablanca

Birdman or Men in Underpants

The structure of Ali Smith’s “How to Be Both”

Allied: a sombre but self-conscious film

Carol, Anna Karenina and Smoking Lesbians

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