Bombs, Terror and Facebook

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has stated the obvious:

Tony Abbott warns Australians fighting for Islamic State could be targeted by RAAF bombs

The difficulty is he doesn’t actually understand how this is going to play out.

Those who were killed fighting for the cause of the slam regarded as martyrs and as an inspiration to others. Our security forces are probably well aware that each one of these potential matters has a Facebook page on which they may list your achievements their aspirations and the religious ideals. They will also have followers of the Facebook page, how many users impossible to say. What we can be certain of is that their followers will be sympathisers to the cause and highly susceptible to the arguments for terrorist activities.

If you wished to recruit potential terrorist within Australia all you would need to do is log on to the Facebook page of one of those was fighting overseas, see who the most rabid supporters are and contact them.

We do not need these jihadist warriors to return to Australia to encourage home-grown terrorism. Social media will be doing this already and you can be certain that the camp followers will be trolling these websites looking for potential recruits.

We should be in no doubt that the mindset of the people fighting for the glory of Islam. The greatest contribution they can make is to die a martyr and to inspire other people to join the cause in the fight against the infidel (however widely that might be defined).

We can be certain that the combination of this fanaticism, Australia’s engagement in the Middle East and the ubiquitous reach a social media has created perfect storm.

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