Donald Trump: the nightmare scenario for the Republican Party

It is becoming increasingly likely that Donald Trump will be the Republican Party nomination for the presidential election.There is clearly profound disquiet amongst the party about this possibility and plans are afoot to derail his campaign. But it’s a high-risk strategy.

The difficulty for the Republican Party in attacking Trump is that they may wind up alienating their presidential nominee and, potentially, the next US president. If he is elected to the presidency, Trump will not be beholden to the party establishment in any way and while the Republicans may be glad to have a Republican incumbent, he may not prove tractable to any form of control or influence.

Trump may also carry a fairly deep-seated resentment because the establishment of the Republican Party fought him so hard during the primaries.


Donald Trump sends a message to the Republican Party establishment

The other part of the nightmare scenario is that a significant proportion of the Republican representatives in both the Senate and the Congress may decide to oppose (President) Trump, effectively handing control of both houses to the Democrats.