Martin Place: a $630 million policy failure

Guess who said this:

“We particularly need to know how someone with such a long record of violence, such a long record of mental instability was out on bail after his involvement in a particularly horrific crime.”

If you thought it was the Australian public questioning how this could have happened after the federal government had allocated $630 million to monitoring people at risk, you would be wrong.

It was actually Prime Minister Tony Abbott the man who allocated the money and is responsible for seeing the policy implemented. As a sideline he also sent Australian forces to the Middle East to make us safe from exactly this kind of attack.

So it’s the Australian public who should be looking for answers from Tony Abbott not the Prime Minister jumping on the bandwagon, as he normally does, when anything concerning national security gets into the news.

In matters like this you can’t help thinking the whole situation would be made much better if the Prime Minister just kept quiet.

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