Our Minister for Perpetual Embarrassment

Prime Minister Tony Abbott welcomed the second woman to be appointed to Cabinet at the swearing-in ceremony at Government House. Sussan Ley is now Minister for Health and Sport. Here is a picture of Abbott and the new minister at the ceremony.


And here is the Prime Minister, who doesn’t “get women”, giving his new appointee a friendly little pat on the bum. And she is clearly not enjoying it. In most work places, this would be deemed as sexual harassment.

This comes with reports of the problem that the federal government has with female voters

The magnitude of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s “woman problem” has been underlined in new research which shows women rate the government very poorly across all policy areas and are harsher than men in their assessment of the government’s overall performance.

 Tony Abbott: asleep at the wheel on women's  political concerns

Tony Abbott: asleep at the wheel on women’s political concerns

Here are the important issues for men and women

untitled 2 Significantly, the Minister for Women ranks the repeal of the carbon tax as most his important contribution to women in 201but women in the survey don’t rank it at all. Here are some of the results from the JWS Research published in The Age  Where participants ranked the government Very Good or Good on a series of issues.


Now it’s obvious that these results indicate women rank the government lower than men in all areas surveyed in the poll and by quite sizeable margins in some cases. But on Community and social issues both figures are incredibly low at 17% and 12% respectively. Only 16% of women rank the government as Very Good for Good on the Economy and finances,  an area where the government would have expected to score well.

The survey did not canvass voting intentions but with these figures the coalition must be wondering what issues it will be able to campaign on in the 2016 election.

Sooner or later the Liberal party is going to have to wake up to what the problem really is out there in voter land. Their real political dilemma is how to fix it.

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