Malcolm Roberts denies Indian citizenship “I don’t even like curry.”

Senator Malcolm Roberts, born in India of a Welsh father, is fighting to prove his  credentials as an Australian citizen. “I don’t like curry and I’ve never worn a turban.” is his latest attempt to fend off suggestions that he might be an Indian citizen.

He is fighting for his seat in the Senate on two fronts: Walsh parentage and Indian birthplace.  You have to feel sorry for the poor bloke.

There have also been rumours that he might be a Welsh citizen.  These have been fuelled by the fact that it has been suggested that he had been growing daffodils in his garden. The daffodil  is the national flower of Wales.


Senator  Malcolm Roberts identifies his chances of remaining in the Senate

 He is not helping his cause very much.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts denies he lied when declaring less than a year ago he had “never held any citizenship other than Australian”, despite now saying he has renounced any ties to other countries.

Senator Roberts’ office claims there is no contradiction because the senator “is choosing to believe that he was never British” – even after the British government confirmed he was once a citizen.

To add to his woes, his successor is already lining up.

And guess what,  it is none another than Pauline  Hansen’s sister. This comes about because the next bloke on the One Nation all ticket after Roberts, (who got 77 first preference votes),  looks like being declared bankrupt and the next cab off the rank is Pauline’s sister.

Given the distribution of preferences, there is a very good chance that no one actually voted for her.


Judy Smith who is one of six of Pauline Hanson’s siblings.   What’s the betting that they’re all in line for the Senate if One Nation keeps losing senators at its current rate?


Rod Culleton, the  One Nation Senator, lost his appeal against court bankruptcy verdict and his senate seat

 All this morning be quite funny, if these people were not in a position where they made decisions that affect the lives of all Australians. Sometimes democracy fails very badly.


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