The Andrews government government takes the line of least resistance on mask mandates in schools. Now is not the time for weak government.

Against the Chief Health Officer’s advice, Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas has refused to mandate wearing masks in schools.

Victorian Health Minister Mary-Anne Thomas.CREDIT:JOE ARMAO

This is completely spineless position for the government to take. Schools are a setting where the virus will spread rapidly.

Is stoned in the interests of return control over her health options to the public. What nonsense.

Individuals are not going to wear masks. They will take the selfish option and expose the rest of the community to the risk of of infection.

Victoria is currently experiencing 12,000 new cases daily and that’s just for is being reported. The total number of cases is unknown but it could be twice that number.

There is no doubt that the viruses ranging from community and the government needs to take strong steps to control it otherwise our hospital system will be completely overwhelmed.

You refuse to take the steps in schools where the vaccination rates are lowest. Most students have probably had only two jabs and the efficacy of those is probably waning rapidly.

The government needs to take strong action.

There needs to be a rapid rollout of the third jab in schools for all parents who want their children vaccinated.

Mask were initially mandated in schools. Children whose parents do not wish them to wear a mask school will need to enroll in online programs.

Because the numbers are not widely disseminated, most Victorians do not realise how serious this wave of the virus is.

The cost of this complacency will be crippling into rooms of this impact of hospital system and the economy.

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