Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who guards the guardians.

Recently we have had the unedifying spectacle of two ex-police Commissioners unable to agree on some fairly central matters of fact at the Royal Commission into the Management of Police 

Late last year former Victoria Police chief commissioner, Christine Nixon, gave evidence, she told the inquiry that she was never told Ms Gobbo was a police informer.

She was referring to barrister-turned-police-informer Nicola Gobbo – the drug lord Tony Mokbel’s lawyer.

Ex-Commissioner Simon Overland testified ” I note that I was involved in 14 meetings with Ms Nixon regarding Purana Taskforce matters and I believe that I did in fact inform her (Ms Nixon) of Ms Gobbo’s recruitment on 29 September 2005,” 

Simon Overland leaves the royal commission on Tuesday.CREDIT:AAP

This recollection was based on his diaries.

When he initially took the stand late last year, Simon Overland told the royal commission he never kept diaries or day books.

Just days later, the royal commission was informed that Victoria Police had found Mr Overland’s diaries from 2003, 2004 and 2007.

See The AGE for a more detailed account.

Mr Overland took the stand to tell the inquiry he was “none the wiser” about the existence of the diaries.  “I was convinced they didn’t exist,” Mr Overland said.

So it would appear that one of them is telling Porky’s. It is difficult for the public to know which.

Mr Overland’s assertion appears to be backed up by his diaries, which he denied writing.

So now the public is in a position of not knowing which of to contradictory accounts by the ex-Commissioners of Police are true, it can’t be both as the two accounts appear to be totally incompatible.

How can the public have confidence in the senior command of the Victorian Police force when this occurs?

Particularly when ” Victoria’s ex-police chief Simon Overland believes corrupt police stopped successful prosecutions against drug king Tony Mokbel. “I believe all previous investigations had been compromised. They had been compromised probably by corrupt police officers in Victoria Police.”

Mr Overland described Victoria Police as being the most “indiscreet” organisation he’d come across.

So the question remains: Who protects the public from corrupt police and the contradictions involved in the evidence of Commissioners Simon Overland and Christine Nixon.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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