An Assessment of President Trump from Australia

This is an extract from an editorial from The Age, a left-of-centre national newspaper in Australia.

Donald Trump has failed to get his controversial signature policies – including repealing and replacing his predecessor’s healthcare system, and funding a multibillion-dollar wall on the Mexican border – through a Congress in which his party holds a rare majority in both houses.

The extent of the uncertainty about his capability is indicated by his historically low support in opinion polls.

Mr Trump’s debut has not diminished reservations – arising from his inconsistency, volatility, shallowness and disregard for truth and facts – The Age and so many observers expressed during his bombastic and jingoistic ‘‘America First’’ campaign.

There have been so many missteps that we remain of the view he lacks the necessary competence and judgment……Reading transcripts of unscripted utterings – for example, in interviews – reveals just how illinformed and self-focused the President is.

In his typically inconsistent manner, he said this week that ‘‘no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days’’. That is evidently false. At this stage, the definition of success could be said to be avoiding catastrophic errors.

We remain of the view that he lacks competence and judgment.

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